See your team 
in new ways.

People are not rows in a spreadsheet.

The web has come a long way since it's beginning. However, today’s resourcing tools have not visually caught up. Most team management applications look like a digital copy of their spreadsheet ancestors. Owlocate is trying to change that.

Team View

Team View

Visualize your team like never before with a modern interface that lets you put your tables and spreadsheets safely in the past.

Employee View

Employee View

Enter employee details that help the recommendation engine determine the best possible person to fill a specific need on the team.


Better Team Visualization

See your team in a new and engaging way with the help of modern web design technology. Who says resource management can’t be fun!


Employee Recommendations

Allocating resources is hard. Finding the perfect person for your project or team has never been easier with the help of Owlocate’s recommendation engine.


Extensive Search Capabilities

Easily find employees using search criteria that spans their entire profile, not just their name.